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Thread: On a drop off, Open Rails may falsely mark a work item as "DONE"

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    Default On a drop off, Open Rails may falsely mark a work item as "DONE"

    This is a tip for activity creators.

    This technique works for activities created with TSRE Activity Tools, and should also work with MSTS Activity Editor.

    Here is the issue. Suppose you are creating an activity in which rail cars must be picked up from one location, and dropped off in a different location. When the activity is run, Open Rails may immediately consider the work item to be complete when the player train reaches the drop off location. This situation seems to occur if the required rail cars are not actually part of the player train at the time it arrives at the intended destination. It may also occur when the player reaches the siding with the correct cars but there are additional cars between the drop offs and the player locomotive.

    NOTE -- "assemble train at location" seems to work better than "drop off cars at location" as it marks the event DONE when the proper string of cars is uncoupled.

    Here is a workaround that makes the drop off event inactive until the pick up event has been completed. Doing this should reduce the risk of accidentally triggering the second event.

    Suppose the drop off event is named "Action9". When creating this event, select "assemble train at location" and set the activation level to zero (0). In fact, any level less than 1 is considered inactive. Suppose the pick up event is named "Action0". Add an outcome to "Action0" to increase the activation level of "Action9". When the activity is run, the activity level of "Action9" will become 1, and thus active, only after the pick up has been successfully completed. In fact, any level greater than 0 is considered active.

    Here is another example. Suppose that three pick ups (Action0, Action1, Action2) are needed to collect all the rail cars needed for the drop off (Action9). In this case, set the activation level of Action9 to -2, and add a similar outcome to each of Action0, Action1, and Action2. This will ensure that all pick ups must be performed before the drop off event becomes active.

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    Thanks for the tip. This is something I need to dig into further as I have mostly done passenger activities and I have a major freight activity to design with the route I am working on that involves many pickups and drop offs.


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