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Thread: TrainSimulations - Sandpatch Development

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    Quote Originally Posted by tarrant75 View Post
    At this stage, I'm looking to do AT LEAST the extent that MLT went up to, how far I go beyond that will be based on how detailed I want to make the town and yard vs. framerates. No point making it look fantastic and 100% of the yard if we're only going to pull 5 fps consistently. That being said, Sean did a great job with Mullan and making the town look great, but Missoula is a MUCH smaller yard than Cumberland is, so we'll see.
    Hi Folks,

    Yeah - I'm a fan of selective compression - what's the point of having a veritable sea of yard tracks - if the FPS is low - and we can never populate them with a realistic amount of cars ? Even if we could populate them - I've never seen an image in MSTS/ORTS where anyone has done more than place half a dozen loose consists in a big yard - nobody has the kind of patience needed to fully populate large yards. Vast empty yards are a real immersion killer. Rick did a nice job with big yards on his Monon - many of the yard tracks were merely scenery populated with strings of super low poly models freight car models (a single shape making a massive string of cars with a common texture = 1 shape and 1 draw call) - which is the best compromise we could have in our sim.

    Thanks - Chris - for the continued discussion on your plans/intentions...


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    Hi Scott,

    All very true for those still running MSTS.
    Running Open Rails I was able to just about fill all yards with rail cars from New Jersey to Washington DC without impacting frame rates AND being able to run any of those parked consists.
    I did try running with MSTS but it instantly crashed when loading up.

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    Sounds good, I’ve spent countless hours rail fanning the keystone sub. I’m excited to see this come to fruition

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