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    Default Missing Edit Property

    Looks like there's a property missing from the edit panel when you're working with the Signal object type.

    StaticDetailLevel is a valid property for anything with a shapefile, since the objects should be able to be filtered in/out at runtime for performance improvement.

    Fortunately, if you edit a signal object where it's already defined, it seems to be preserving the declared value.

    I can manage manually, but adding that to the edit panel it's something that should be considered.

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    Goku's source code is on GitHub, have you considered taking a look?

    I myself have contemplated making a few tweaks, once which is to extend the auto-placement distance past 999m (current limitation), to allow for automated block signal placement for e.g. , but the one look at his code didnt give me a clue where to start!

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    The code is there, but he's using some customized widgets for the GUI as opposed to standard Windows forms. The code will load into Visual Studio, but won't compile or debug because of that. I'd asked him over on ET for some guidance.

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