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    Cool Help with Road section


    Is there a road section to transition from 3 lanes to two lanes? The situation
    is that I am filling in the roads for the Nashville, TN terminal area of the L&N
    (CSX). 4th Ave. S. is 3 lanes for about 2 miles out from town and then it
    changes to 2 lanes briefly. At that point another road joins in which is a 2
    lane road, and these then form a 4 lane divided road which extends on out
    from town to the extent I am including.

    Once I am done with tracks & roads, I will release the route into the
    "unfinished" category so that anyone that wishes can use it to start any
    of 3 other routes. S&NA North which extends to Birmingham, Henderson
    which extends to Evansville, IN, or Memphis, which extends to Memphis.
    I will use it, filled out to some degree, in routes of the Main Line Sub. and
    the Chattanooga Sub.

    Jerry Sullivan
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    hwy2l2wnaStrt40m_Exit and hwy2l2wnaStrt40m_Merge

    Paul :-)

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    Smile Lane Change

    Thanks Paul. I found what I needed after further study. hwy3l2wlst40m_left, or ------ right will do it.
    These two shapes are sorta like a flat cone with 3 lanes on one end and 2 lanes on the other. One
    shifts the right lane and the other shifts the left lane of 3. I saw the ones you mentioned but I wasn't
    looking for something that would merge the lanes. I needed an in-line change.

    In the image, 3 lanes come in at the lower left, and two lanes at the upper left. The 3 lanes change
    to 2 lanes (admittedly there are some dead-ends) and then all merges into a freeway section. It is
    not really a freeway but 4th Ave. S. in Nashville become Nolensville rd. in a mile or so and is then
    divided for several miles although the speed limit is 45mph. I grew up in Nashville.

    This location is out of sight of passing trains, being lower in elevation and about 1/2 mile distant.

    Jerry Sullivan
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