Over a decade ago, I posted a 90s themed thread in the MSTS screenshot forum. Now I'm doing one for Open Rails.

Feel free to post your own OR shots that take place during the 90s.

1990: ATSF 991 speeding eastbound with a bright A-B-B-A set of GP60Ms.

1991: A BN manifest charging through a snowy Stevens Pass.

1992: Metrolink 852 departing LA Union Station.

1993: The Coast Starlight heading south through the Willamette Pass.

1994: The Canadian departing Toronto with the lofty CN Tower in the background

1995: An SP manifest with some very filthy units traveling north along the coast.

1996: A pair of Conrail MACs lead a coal train around the Horseshoe Curve.

1997: A stack train under the recently formed BNSF heads east with a Heritage-II Dash-9 leading.

1998: A westbound CP grain train led by two recently built AC4400CWs.

1999: UP 844 and 3985 steaming to Sacramento for Railfair '99.