Everyone needs to follow the guidelines, starting with what's been in place for years and years :


Summarized for those with shorter attention spans:

  • If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all
  • If you have something you're not supposed to have in the first place, don't post pictures of it
  • Post the name of the route and whose equipment you're showing off -- that eliminates 90% of the comments

If you still feel the urge to be ultra-critical, feel free to use PM's or post to a site like Facebook where that type of activity is more welcome.

Those who can't follow the spirit and intent of these three simple rules may find themselves facing a one-week penalty application of the brakes...

Also, as with all threads in the screen shot forum, comments and posts without photos are subject to removal at some point in the future.

Rules for this thread:

  • Feel free to post ANY screenshots related to this thread (Routes, locos, stocks, etc.).

Previous thread: https://www.trainsim.com/vbts/showth...r-theme-Part-3

Enjoy, and be safe!