Travis just uploaded this signal set based on the 1989 Seaboard System rules.

I retired from CSX in 2001, having worked for Chessie System/CSX since the
fall of 1980. CSX adopted the Seaboard rules for new construction and by
the time I retired these rules were in effect in several areas. From 2006 to
2017 I worked for a signal contractor and during that period the rules were
proliferated over more of the system. Some areas such as the Eastern lines
of the L&N, and the Clinchfield probably do not use these rules since those
areas may be sold account of loss of coal traffic.

They would be in effect over the former ACL & SAL lines as well as L&N lines
from Louisville to New Orleans. NORAC rules are probably still in effect on
former Conrail lines but those too will eventually change.

I'll admit that I have been "out of the loop" for a while so my comments are
somewhat speculation.

J. H. Sullivan