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Thread: Placing signals (complex junction)

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    Default Placing signals (complex junction)


    I am not familiar with the signal and their operation. I saw a lot of them, stand alone and gantry types, and dwarf. As you can see in the diagram below, I am at a junction and i want to install a gantry over tracks A and B in order to regulate the access to track C, D and E.

    I saw either in the file library here or in routes i have, payware and freeware, different styles of signals, ranging from 1 light to 3, and in absolute or restricted mode. And that is where i am loosing it.

    I am guessing that if I want to go from A to B, i should use only a 1 light signal since there is only one available routing possible. For that, sould I use a 2 or 3 light signal and should it be Absolute or Restricted or else? Would it be better practice if it was not a gantry type but a stand alone?

    For the more complex routing from B, I have 3 paths to choose. I am guessing a 3 light signal is required, but which light with wich path? And again Absolute, Restricted or else?

    Is there a tutorial that would let me understand how a "complex" junction operates?


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