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Thread: Custom TSM Shape Kate Shelley bridge

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    Default Custom TSM Shape Kate Shelley bridge

    Looking for some help with the Kate Shelley with Ron P's kit and editing parts( Don't quite have the skills) Would like some help in getting the bridge done for my route. I have photos of the original plans made by the CNW Please message here or my inbox Thanks!
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    I've got a deck that's close.


    Supports.... nothing in my library, but might be possible.

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    Hey Eric looks very close! Need to edit to get the hand cart deals put in and you got it, I have all the plan info if you need it for the supports.
    Iowa Chicago and Eastern Mason City Sub

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    Send me the height & width at the base of each of the supports, and also the type of track sections you're using on the bridges, and I'll see what I can do...

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    Here's the quick version... Maybe as time permits it will get a bit more detailed...

    If you dive below ground, you'll see I clearly cheated on the supports....

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