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Thread: Large bodies of water?

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    Default Large bodies of water?

    Forgive me if this has been covered before, but what is the easiest way to make a large water object, not a tile - but something I can adjust the height? Trying to cover a fairly large lake from the shoreline out.

    Thanks in advance,

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    You can't adjust the tile water height? Or is this like a reservoir, where there's a sudden change in water height near the lake in question?

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    No, lake level is constant...there's just a lot of it. Have no clue how to do tiles - thus I thought making it a scenery object would be easier for me to work with.

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    Not difficult at all. Make a plane in the shape of your lake, copy that plane downward with two or more layers separated by 6-12", and then apply a transparent texture to each of them. You'll get lighter coloring in the shallows, and darker coloring in the deeper water.

    My water objects have three planes separated by about 6". The one I use with creeks applies a solid "mud" texture as the bottom layer. My lake objects stay transparent to allow the Google or MapBox imagery on my Terrtex to be the bottom layer. My dam objects have the water layer as part of the object so that it follows the profile of the dam.

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    OK, you lost me with all that. I understand about the depth changing, but that really doesn't matter with this. What I am thinking, is something similar to a large farm field (100m+squared) scenery object, but with water texture. I'm just not sure how to make a large area coverage scenery object. BTW, I'm using MSTS RE as that's the only tool that will work on my PC. I may try doing the 250m x 250m concrete platform as a water object, changing the name and file as needed.

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    Here's a 100x100 shape... three transparent layers. You can try to edit the .S file and change all the 100's to 250's and that should work to create a 250x250 shape. Set them up with the same Y value for height, and you shouldn't notice that it's a bunch of tiles when you run the game...

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    This is the type of shape I was describing.... three layers with the bottom layer opaque. The shape I zipped above has a transparent bottom layer. Feel free to swap textures in the .S file as you want.


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    THANK YOU! I'll try this out later this evening

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    OK, still having issues. Let me ask this... What is the largest flat square scenery object I can make and how do I do it? I know nothing about designing these things. I've tried a few tutorials, but admit I get lost in the language of the steps and what I'm supposed to be doing.

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    Why not use a painted terrtex file? Routes like the Surfliner have hundreds of square miles of ocean using this method.

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