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Thread: (NEED MUCH HELP) Problems with reskining

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    Default (NEED MUCH HELP) Problems with reskining

    So i would try making this gp38-2 (SP unit, filename: and the textures would always not go on fsr. If anyone could privately send me a message with one of the 7##b files attatched, (example: SP_GP38-2_733b) that would be greatly appreciated! (Sorry for me asking for you to do it, i just tried doing it today and looked at tutorials and they didnt help much, so sorry if I seam lazy .)
    This photo shows what happens in the actual game. Open Rails 2021-01-31 01-20-07.jpg
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    And also, the number i was trying to add was 4854

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    Download the files again.

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    Quote Originally Posted by derekmorton View Post
    Download the files again.
    Thing is, I tried putting numbers on them. (they are un-numbered units) Thats my problem
    EDIT: nevermind, forgot to make it a .DDS (Yes im dumb)
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