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Thread: Metro North New Haven Update

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    Default Metro North New Haven Update

    Name of Route: Metro North New Haven Update

    Version and Release Date: v2 1/30/2021

    Description: A massive track overhaul to the original Metro North New Haven route released in 2013. The addition of the Hudson and Harlem lines allow for 3 lanes of traffic to be used at once. Please note that track, speeds and signals are complete while scenery is not. Further updates will be posted once I get enough scenery added. Still a rookie with TSRE5.
    Any activities made for previous versions of this route will not work. Please create new paths for these activities. A big hefty thank you to the beta testers. Right now the route is in a stable position to be released. My next big project is adding in the New Cannan and Danbury Branches, then reworking NYP to New Rochelle. Scenery is ongoing and will take years.

    Installation Method: Download (1 big zip file) place into your routes folder.

    Size of Download: 779mb

    Size of route: 1.67gb

    Prototypical or Freelance Operations: Prototypical

    Freight or Passenger: Both

    Era: Modern Day

    Locations: New York City, New York State, Connecticut

    Length of Branches:
    -Hudson Line 141.7miles to Albany
    -Harlem 82.5miles to Wassaic
    -New Haven Line 74.2 Miles to New Haven State Street
    -New York Terminal District 10.4 miles NYP to New Rochelles

    Length of Mainline: 11.5 miles from GCT to CP 112 and CP 212

    Number of Branches: 4

    Number of Sidings: TBD

    Number of Yards:TBD

    Mixture of Track: Single-Quintuple

    Level of Trackside Detail: Minimal

    Percentage of Scenery Completed: 34%

    FPS: OR Monogame: constant 50-60fps. OR Stable 1.31: between 30-60fps

    Activities Provided: One Activity running MTA 1244 to Harrison then deadheading to Stamford

    Rolling stock needed to run activity:

    Xtracks required: Yes version 3.21 off

    NewRoads required: Yes version 4.0 off

    Scalerail required: No, but I may use some track pieces in the future

    ScaleRoad required: No, but I may use some road pieces in the future

    Tsection.dat: 41 or better

    Payware or Freeware: Freeware, custom objects use restricted to route only.

    Known Problems:
    -Dwarf signal indications do not match track monitor indications (Stop signals will show as Approach medium and Clear will show no lights at all). Follow your track monitor.
    -Dynamic track pieces do not show up in monogame.
    -Route doesn't work with MSTS
    -TDB lines match but shapes do not.

    Where it can be downloaded:

    Extra Information: This is part of an ultimately bigger planned route. This route will eventually go to Boston. A github will be created if enough people are interested. PM for more information.

    Designers email for more information: [email protected]

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    Small update incoming:

    Two new activities plus a few fixes with scenery. Next patch will take time. Until then enjoy this last update.

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    Missing conists have been uploaded as of now. I do apologize for forgetting about this. Your MNNH activities should function properly.

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    Next update in TBD. For anyone insterested, this is what will change:
    -New Haven to NYP track work will be completely re-done.
    -Addition of Empire Line from Spuyten to NYP.
    -Partial Sunnyside with connection to HGB
    -NYP rebuilt in the correct location. This wont be easy....

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