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Thread: My Sincere Thanks For 7 Years Of The Best Train Simulator On The Planet

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    Default My Sincere Thanks For 7 Years Of The Best Train Simulator On The Planet

    You know I think this was a long time coming, and unfortunately my passion at times gets confused with bitterness. I am a fan of Run8 which is short for enthusiast. I have never and will ever want to see Run8 fail but reach new highs.

    I know that I may come across a times as a hater, troll, crap disturber, name the adjective. But I've always wanted to see this software and this community get larger. Though sad to see so many servers disappear, or a shell of their former glory. It is good that many continue to move forward and provide a place to those that not only enjoy running on their servers but just talk on their forums with one another. Share ideas, strategies, screenshots, etc.

    TrainSim is something I have continued to check on a regular basis, and will continue to do so. It's a good representation (though small) of the entire community. Those that enjoy MP, single player, happy with what they have, or wish they could do better. I look forward to seeing what version 3 offers.

    For now I have a project of my own I'm just starting on, and I haven't been in Run8 for about a year now. But Run8 is near and dear to my heart. I hope version 3 becomes part of the tradition of Run8 as the best train simulator on the planet. Another special thanks to those that operate servers, add on software. It wouldn't be the same without you.



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    Dear Run8 friend, There are loads of servers. They just are not public. Everyday we get emails on how do we open a port or how do I start my own server. Ver. 3 is coming. Don't worry be happy and just enjoy the sim. Have a blessed day.

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