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    How can I make objects for e.g houses, billboards, wire posts, wires, signals, signs? Could someone describe it very step by step?


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    Read the forums,
    Figure out which 3D modeling program you want to use,
    Watch lots of youtube videos,
    Ask a lot of questions,
    Pull out lots of hair,
    Boom, done.

    There's a little more to it but this will get you started.

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    Short step answer:

    Step 1. Learn 3D modelling
    Step 2. Learn 2D graphics program
    Step 3. Create 3D object in 3D modelling program and apply a texture created in 2D graphics program.
    Step 4. Export your 3D object in a format that the MSTS/OR programs can use.

    Longer answer:

    To create shapes you have to learn 3D modelling. To create textures that you 'paint' onto your 3D model requires you learn a 2D graphics program.

    Learning 3D modelling and 2D graphics is like any skill, it will require both dedication and an investment of your time. If you stick at it, you will succeed.

    For a 3D modelling program I would suggest using Blender. The Blender program is free with many resources available for it. Most importantly, there are many tutorials for complete beginners on youtube on how to use it. I would suggest finding tutorials on 'low poly' modelling. Learn the skills required to make low poly cars, animals, houses etc. These are the skills you need to make the objects you desire for MSTS/OR.

    When you can create the objects you want in Blender, you will then have to learn a 2D graphics program to create the texture to 'paint' your 3D model. I would suggest either GIMP or Paint.NET. They are also both free. Paint .NET is probably easier to learn but not as feature rich. Again both programs have lots of tutorials for complete beginners on youtube on how to use these programs.

    You then use the 2D texture file you created in GIMP/.Paint .NET and use it in Blender to apply it to your 3D model. Again there are many tutorials on you tube on how to apply a texture to a 3D model.

    At that point you should obtain the MSTS/OR export tool for Blender to export your shape for use in the game.

    Hope this helps. If you have any questions, just ask.

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    I use Sketchup and TSM to create MSTS/OR models. Sketchup I find more intuitive and simplest, but is not really suitable for animation. I find that applyinf a texture is easy and flexible. Both programs took about a month to get the hang of, not all that difficult. For me, the hardest part of making a object is locating/making the texture. The finesse required to make a great texture is (for me) by far the hardest to learn. If you plan to distribute/share your creations, then add in public domain and copyright knowledge. Other useful programs are ShapeViewer, TGATools, and Aceit.

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    How can I modify 3d modell of an existing object?

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    Ditto; the texture is the hard part. The more effort you put into the texture file, the better your object will look. Requires some experimentation, see what looks best, trial and error for a while until you get the hang of things.

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    To modify an existing model, you must have the original source file and access to the program used to create it (not to mention any permissions by the original creator).

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