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Thread: Stable vs Experimental Versions of OP

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    Default Stable vs Experimental Versions of OP

    I was, changed now, using the "Stable" version of OR thinking it was the way to experience the Sim in best light.
    Route was the New Version of the 1995 Amtrak SW Chief. I kept getting a Blank Screen when going past Overhead Signals as well as any approaching AI Trains. So, after trying to run it a couple of times and running into the same issues I switched over to the Latest Experimental Version, now it works a treat! So far all the passing trains maintain the FPS but the scenery leaves something to be desired. However that is another topic.
    Kudos to B. LeBoeuf on a great activity on a so-so route that has great trackage and what scenery is there, it is accommodating and representative.
    So, to anyone running the Amtrak's #3 Southwest Chief 1995, run it in Ex Mode!

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    If you would like to see the future of OR try the Monogame Version found here >>

    Monogame OR can use ReShade -- which improves the graphic "eye candy" -- found here >>

    The Monogame version of OR aligns with the current Unstable versions.
    Cheers, Gerry
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    Thanks, when developing the first 2 segments of the 1995 SW Chief, I used the OR Testing version exclusively. I got the Monogame version working about half-way through the 3rd segment, so I switched to that. Working my way across the LaJunta Sub now. Not as much traffic as most of the Transcon traffic goes to the south-transcon route, but in Dodge City, you'll meet a Rail-Grinder. Anyway...thanks for the Kudo's

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