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Thread: New guy here and need help

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    Default New guy here and need help

    HI all,
    I just got a nice new laptop for my birthday in December and I can run open Rails program and I just downloaded some routes to run. If I want to get msts files to use. do I have to have that program to do so? I used to have it years ago.
    Also where is the best places to get files for open rails free. I am 75 but also a model railroader and can I make a copy of my HO switching layout that I can run on this program.

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    Hi Bill,

    Welcome aboard.

    Open Rails (ORTS) is an amazing program but it’s forte is a more geared to realistic operations on real world routes. While you could probably build your switching layout - the route building tools could be a bit intimidating to the uninitiated and the learning curve is high.

    If you like modern trains - the best payware material you can find is produced by Train Simulations:

    The file library here is where most of the freeware for ORTS is found.

    If you like the steam era - Elvas Tower is where most of us tend to hang out - I’d suggest joining there as well - it’s free.

    If you want an easier program to build routes and is geared more towards model railroads - you might want to take a look at Trainz. It’s not free but it’s not super expensive either - especially if you catch it on sale. The route development tools are much more user friendly. Their physics model seem to be lacking which is one of the reasons I don’t use it but for model railroaders that might not be a deal breaker.

    I hope you find what you’re looking for.


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    Hi Bill,

    To answer your first question: you don't need msts to use msts content from the file library on this site. But I'd recommend to use the more recent uploads. Especially routes. In early days route builders used original content from msts to populate their routes with rolling stock, trees, buildings, etc.

    Be aware a number of recent items in the database are repainted from payware items. Mostly Streamlines/SLI. Read the included files carefully.

    Here you'll find an overview of recommended freeware routes:

    Regards. Wim

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    You'll find a free OR starter route ( with equipment and activities ) here >>

    To repeat what has been said...OR and MSTS are two entirely separate simulators. OR does not need MSTS or MSTS-Bin to function. Open Rails has backward compatibility for MSTS routes, equipment and file types. Since many MSTS freeware routes require assets from the default routes it would be wise to install MSTS to a directory OUTSIDE of the microsoft protected program directories ...something like C:\TS or whatever name suits you...and then use it as a temp location to install routes so the batch files can copy from the default routes. Then you can move them to a location of your choice. Remember --- do not install any routes or equipment in the same directory as the OR program files.
    Cheers, Gerry
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