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Thread: Western Railways V2 and scenery update

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    Default Western Railways V2 and scenery update

    G'day All, I have installed Western Railways V2 and all is fine, I then installed the patch and all was fine and then I decided to do the scenic update and the acts no longer work and even the explore mode doesn't work. Looking at the scenic files it seems to alter a lot of paths, has anyone had any success with this and also the V6 scenic update as there may be some sort of trick to it, OH, yes I did use the correct patch.

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    Well, if you can't get it going, try uninstalling that scenic update since it was after that you route went into the Twilight Zone. I don't mess with MSTS/OR anymore. I'm a Railworks guy now. Seems like these Indian routes are much like trying to find missing stuff for a Trainz route. One ends up turning over every rock and going to the ends of the Earth to find stuff or even get something to work.

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    G'Day Barrie. The simplest solution that all of us have resorted to instead of messing around with these patches to reinstall the entire route in one go from here, the route creator's YouTube channel.

    I believe I've already recommended this solution to you. There are no patches to worry about, nothing else to install and the route works perfectly and has the latest scenery.

    I do understand what rt35ge is talking about, but if you know where to look, you'll get what you want hassle-free.
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