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Thread: A B&O themed project I finally found again from 2009

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    Default A B&O themed project I finally found again from 2009

    Greetings to all. I found or rediscovered a route I thought I lost from 2009. Back then I was determined to build the B&O Ohio division from Parkersburg to Cincinatti. At first I extended the Hamilton Norfolk out to Chillicothe before I decided to do a new route. Below are just a few screen shots of the Chillicothe area. But anyway, if there is any interest in this at some point I may release what I have. After i rework some things in the route. I have been running it on and off here and there since then.

    Attachment 1 is of West Junction Ohio looking East. Attachment 2 is of Lancaster Rd TT schooleys looking west. Attachment 3 is of High Street overpass which I custom made just to the west of Chillicothe, Attachment 4 is West Junction Ohio looking west. I hope to go throough and get more photos of what is sceniced. But I can say between Chillicothe and Parkersburg is mostly sceniced. Like I said, I still need to go through and do some more work to it.

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    M. Payne

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