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Thread: Train Sim World Corrupting Train Sim World 2020

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    Default Train Sim World Corrupting Train Sim World 2020

    In my Steam account I have Train Sim World 2020 installed and working just fine. When I went to install Train Sim World, the choices were the following: 1. Do you want to reinstall Train Sim World, or
    2. Do you want to uninstall Train Sim World.
    When I tried the reinstall option, Train Sim World was installed with the name, Train Sim World 2020 right over my Train Sim World 2020. Now when I try running Train Sim World 2020, Train Sim World is launched, and I can in no way run my original Train Sim World 2020.
    I had to create a new Steam Account and purchase Train Sim World 2020 again to recover!
    My copy of Train Sim World was purchased from and shipped from a seller located in Denmark. I've since mailed back to the seller the product to the tune of $16.25!
    Any comments would be appreciated. Thanks.

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    Couple of things, there isn't a Train Sim World 2020, it is known as Train Sim World 2. Wasn't even aware TSW was on disc, you might have done better just buying/downloading from Steam, could be a secondhand or even bootleg disc.

    However if you already have TSW2 not really sure why you would want the first which has now been superseded, other than the content - most of which is being progressively made available as DLC for TSW2 anyway.

    Why didn't you contact Steam or Dovetail support, rather than buying TSW2 again?

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    A somewhat peculiar situation!
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