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Hey ngc,

I think Chris's message was intended as a heads up, considering he is part of the TS team Shasta is primarily "my" baby, while Chris has the La Grande Sub and Sandpatch. The main takeaways here are 1. Just because Shasta is in the works does not at all mean there aren't other routes simultaneously in development, and 2. It does not make sense for a payware company who is developing a new Sandpatch to grant permission for their payware objects to be used in a project that would be in direct "competition" with their own product. Obviously if those shapes and/or textures are removed, then there is no issue from our perspective.

Also, I need to make this clear for future precedence: Although the TS Scenic Sub starter route is free to download, that does NOT grant freeware route makers the right to use any assets from it in their own freeware routes. The license that a user agrees to when installing the starter route specifically says that the end user has no rights to the intellectual property, and therefore no assets from the route can be redistributed in any shape or form
Ah, I wasn't aware that he is part of the team, and I didn't know that you guys had projects split up among multiple people, I assumed that the team worked on 1 project at a time. I'm still relatively new to the whole Open Rails scene and haven't really gotten to know anyone yet, so apologies for that.

I knew that the Ruel trees wouldn't be allowed to be released with the route, so that's why I had the intention of replacing them for a public release. The Ruel trees are the only payware asset that I used to upgrade the route. Its entirely my fault for not reading the EULA before saying what I did with replacing and including the Scenic trees with the route, and I apologize for that too.

On that note, I'm going to have to announce the unfortunate news that the route upgrade isn't going to see the light of day as a public release. With the whole tree debacle, mental health issues that I've been facing recently, and a few other outside factors, I'm just not super comfortable with releasing it.
I also am on the fence with releasing the SD40-2s, as there's a few critical things that the SD40-2s use that I can't confidently say will be cleared to be released with the pack, and I'm just not sure about it anymore. They might be released some time in the distant future, but as for now, I can't say what's going to happen to them.

Sorry for letting everyone down, and sorry for the trouble I've caused.