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Thread: Rob Hammock's NCR GP9 Repaints

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    Default Rob Hammock's NCR GP9 Repaints

    Hi to all,

    Following the recent update of the North Coast Route 3.2, I am currently considering to update and redo the Activity Generator Template (AG) that I have done about 7 years ago for version 3.1 and make it 3.2.

    Among the required downloads for 3.1 included an excellent set of 4 NCR GP9's done by Rob Hammock (see picture below), done nearly 14 years ago and which I have kept over the years in my personal library. However, this set was available only in the Mophouse site.

    Is there any way Rob can be contacted to ask him to have them released here in the library? I would like to use again his set for the template package.

    In Rob's readme file for each of the 4 engines, you can read the following:

    'Hello thank you for downloading my repaint.
    This is a re skin of the SP GP9 from the Southern Pacific Heritage Pack released by MapleLeaf Tracks. Thanks to MLT for allowing me to repaint these fine engines.
    In order to use this reskin you will need to first own the SP Heritage Pack, secondly copy the SP GP9.s file to this engines folder rename it to match the .eng and sd file then make a consist and enjoy your engine.
    Thank You
    Rob Hammock'

    If he is no longer a member of the Trainsim community, in the content of his readme file, can these can be uploaded to the TS library?

    If not, I will try to make repaints myself. I know Bernard Grant has renumbered one from Rob's set and is already here in the library. This one will be again part of the required downloads.



    NCR set by Rob Hammock.jpg
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    You could ask Frank about them ? He ran the Mophouse . Maybe he might help .
    Just a thought !

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    now I don't know the difference, but all those numbers are here in the library, Use( NCR3779zip,,NCR3857, might not be what you are looking for but they work for me .OH ya, Ron's repaint by Bernard Grant NCRR 2872 is also in the library.
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