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Thank you lateagain for your post! The videos are very much intended to showcase the route from a cab view perspective. Your choice in using the word "rectify" insinuates we have done something wrong on purpose, or am I misinterpreting you?

Well yes ...and no.

Not exactly "WRONG" but it just really limits appreciation of all the work put into the route?

Many folk think that driving from the Cab or flying from the Cockpit are what Train and Flight Simulators are for. Of course they all support that. However what puts MSTS and OR on a slightly broader level than the original BVE is that the route designers have created virtual worlds through which we can drive. Model makers have improved their skills, painters and re-skinners have improved theirs too. The full appreciation of the Simulators as a whole cannot be appreciated from the one viewpoint and both MSTS and OR have many excellent Cams that can be used to full effect. In OR those cams even have fantastic infinitely variable FOV on all cams. Even the Cab cab cam. What the vidoes show looks good but our view of the work is restricted by the use of one fixed cam?