Hello all!

Today we'll share some of our newest videos with you all. Our project, exclusively for OpenRails 64-bit extends into 5 countries at present, from Germany to the Scandinavian Capitols all the way up to northern Sweden, into western Finland and the Iron Ore Line to Norway. We've thus far created more than 15'000 objects of our own and the number keeps growing on a daily basis. Everything you see is Work In Progress.

But don't take my word for it, look for yourself and judge whether you like what you see

The Iron Ore Line, in Norway, from Narvik to the Swedish border, 55 minute drive


The Iron Ore Line, in Sweden, from Gaddmyr over Sjiskja to Lappberg, 10 minute drive - winter drive


The Flåm Railway, in Norway, from Myrdal to Flåm, 47 minute drive


The Bergen Railway, in Norway, from Finse to Haugastøl, 16 minute drive


The Iron Ore Line, in Sweden, from Buddbyn to Norra Sunderbyn over Boden, 19 minute drive


The Main Line through upper Norrland, from Hednoret to Boden, 12 minute drive


The Bergen Railway, in Norway, from Geilo to Ål, 19 minute drive