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Thread: Route Scandinavia - The Stockholmroute Scandinavia

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    Default Route Scandinavia - The Stockholmroute Scandinavia

    Hello all!

    Today we'll share some of our newest videos with you all. Our project, exclusively for OpenRails 64-bit extends into 5 countries at present, from Germany to the Scandinavian Capitols all the way up to northern Sweden, into western Finland and the Iron Ore Line to Norway. We've thus far created more than 15'000 objects of our own and the number keeps growing on a daily basis. Everything you see is Work In Progress.

    But don't take my word for it, look for yourself and judge whether you like what you see

    The Iron Ore Line, in Norway, from Narvik to the Swedish border, 55 minute drive

    The Iron Ore Line, in Sweden, from Gaddmyr over Sjiskja to Lappberg, 10 minute drive - winter drive

    The Flåm Railway, in Norway, from Myrdal to Flåm, 47 minute drive

    The Bergen Railway, in Norway, from Finse to Haugastøl, 16 minute drive

    The Iron Ore Line, in Sweden, from Buddbyn to Norra Sunderbyn over Boden, 19 minute drive

    The Main Line through upper Norrland, from Hednoret to Boden, 12 minute drive

    The Bergen Railway, in Norway, from Geilo to Ål, 19 minute drive

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    Very impressive! looking forward to your progress.
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    Shame the Video's are all just Cab Rides. That doesn't show much of the Route detail or scenery and one of Open Rails big strengths is it's Cam views.

    Good to see some European stuff and perhaps some future videos could rectify the Cab View only aspect?
    Dorset - near The Swanage Railway.

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    What a marvellous project! It looks fantastic and I love it.

    May I suggest you add "ORTS and "MSTS" in all the video descriptions, so people searching for Open Rails and Microsoft Train Simulator on YT and Google will get these videos as well?

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    Thank you Robkeb for you post! Please feel free to browse through our channel were you'll find older videos showcasing how our project and skills have developed through the years


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    Thank you lateagain for your post! The videos are very much intended to showcase the route from a cab view perspective. Your choice in using the word "rectify" insinuates we have done something wrong on purpose, or am I misinterpreting you?


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    Vielen dank =FI=Ghost für deinen Lob, die schönen Worte und deinen guten Rat! Deinen Rat werden wir folgen!

    Dir zu gute zeigen wir zwei Screenshots aus dem Deutschen Teil der Strecke. Vielleicht erkennt man sich wieder?

    Obs. Die Bilder stammen aus einer noch sehr frühzeitigen Bauphase. 1.jpg2.jpg

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    Are you using TSRE or the MSTS RE? ...and what is it about the route builders in Europe ( in general ) - but also specifically Italy, Sweden, Hungary, Poland, etc. and adding in the UK...that enables you to make such beautiful and masterfully created routes? I know the question is probably unanswerable, but my recent attention has been focused on these routes and each example is excellent.
    Cheers, Gerry
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    Thank you for your question R.Steele!

    We're using TSRE. MSTS RE is outdated and does not in any way support the memory requirements for our route.

    As for being able to build routes, we have come together as a group, we share a vision, and learn by doing. We're on our 5th year now as a group, but the project was started all the way back in 2010. I cannot begin to count the thousands of hours we have accumulated together on this project.

    All programs we use are Freeware and or Opensource.
    For one we use cameras to take images of structures and the like, which we then manipulate and use as textures on objects we have constructed ourselves. Thus far we have created in the excess of 15'000 thousand objects ourselves and the number keeps rising.

    I don't wish to comment on any possible differences between geographical regions, but I hope this has to some extend been able to answer your question.


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    I notice in the default RE, objects and tracks, roads etc tend to disappear in a block your working in, so half the time you can't tell whether you've added something to that area or not. Back to europe, I watch a lot of commuter trains going through Italy and St. Moritz in Switzerland. Gorgeous routes you have in Europe

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