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Thread: Why the locomotives are not displayig on the TSRE ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by R. Steele View Post
    For this chore using Archibald would be easier. You can find it here >>>

    see screenshot Attachment 81299
    Thank you Gerry, I downloaded the Archibald and kept on mine MSTS/OR (updates) folder

    And I manage to install the SD75's, the only that still nothing working is the BNSF C44-9W 4579

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    The readme for the dash 9 is below:

    Repaint of SLI BNSF_C449W_4400 into BNSF_C449W_4579 All models and textures by Streamlines Corp ""

    You must have the SLI BNSF Scenic Route 2.0 pack that contains the shape file and F/A file for BNSF_C449W_4400 in order to make this repaint work.

    1. Unzip this download to a temporary file named BNSF_C449W_4579 and place it in your TRAINSET directory of MSTS
    2. Copy the shape file of BNSF_C449W_4400.s and BNSF_C44_9W_4400_FA.s into the file and rename the main shape file to BNSF_C449W_4579.s and rename the F/A file to BNSF_C44_9W_4579_FA.s
    3. Copy the C44-9W_cabint.ace and copy
    the cabview and sound folders into the BNSF_C449W_4579 folder.
    5. Make a consist and enjoy

    Seems like this requires two shape files. Make sure you rename them accordingly

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