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Thread: RFP3, Dahlgren Branch

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    Default RFP3, Dahlgren Branch

    Hi to all,

    I have started working on an Activity Generator (AG) Project on RFP3.

    I have noticed the following (see pictures below) at the Powerplant area of the Dahlgren Branch. That makes any locos runaround impossible.

    That means that, to my point of view, to service the sidings is only possible by entering the branch backwards.

    Any feedback would be appreciated

    Thanks, Denis

    Dahlgren branch 1.jpgDahlgren branch 2.jpgDahlgren branch 3.jpg

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    I replied to Denis's PM. I thought return loops were prohibited, so I interrupted them with dummy tracks. I overlooked the need to access the powerplant sidings. :-(
    Steve Dunham
    Alexandria, VA

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