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Thread: Clinchfield - Mountain Warriors

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    Quote Originally Posted by metalangel View Post
    Back when I made MSTS activities I’d run through them a few times to make sure everything happened as it was supposed to.
    The MSTS Activity Editor was so inconsistent and finicky with AI traffic. On some routes, like MLT's Roger's Pass, I could throw down a bunch of AI trains, set up passing paths on every siding, and everything would just work itself out regardless of timing. A lot of other routes were a different story, though.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jorgen3 View Post
    I did Limited power yesterday without any problems.
    F7 came and took the cars for me. But this was the third time I did it. I made a mistake the first 2 times.
    I read on the official forum, workround is to actually stop with the rear or as near possible rear of your train at the shunt/divide markers. I'm about to try again doing that.

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