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    I have Open Rails using MSTS for content. I operate trains using RailDriver control stand. Up until now speeds indicated on the RD control stand and the simulator speedometer matched. When I started it yesterday the speed indicated on the RailDriver control stand did not match the speed on the simulator locomotive speedometer. I have tried different locomotives and activities with the same results. When the simulator speedometer indicates 50 MPH the RailDriver control stand indicates 80 MPH. I have checked Open Rails Options and the "Speed units" is set to mph. Anyone have any ideas what the problem could be? I contacted P.I. Engineering and they said they knew nothing about Open Rails.

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    Well since 50mph = 80.4672kph I'd suspect that the setting in the routes ".trk" file has to be changed.

    Look for this line in the .trk file >>> "MilepostUnitsKilometers ( )" and change it to read >>> "MilepostUnitsMiles ( )"

    You can use any text editor to open the .trk file, ConText, Notepad++ are what most folks use, others will work.
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    Thanks, I checked it out and it was set to "MilepostUnitsMiles ( )". After I checked the ".trk" files the speedometers matched. KPH sort of rang a bell and I checked Open Rails settings which were MPH. Anyway everything is working as it should. Only problem is I don't know what I did to correct it for next time.

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