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Thread: Building Intermodal Trains

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    Quote Originally Posted by kevhead View Post
    Also Union Pacific and BNSF carry different Domestic containers. UP usually has CSX Umax, EMP etc, While BNSF for now HAs J.B hunt and Schneider. Either Railroad will not carry the others Line of containers Usually. There are always exceptions though. So you if you want prototypical sets You cannot have JB hunt On a UP train or EMP on A BNSF Train.
    Thanks, that's good to know...make sense --- big business contracts and all -- Got any good web sources for that information I can bookmark?
    Cheers, Gerry
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    A good way to get prototypical info is to watch the various free Virtual Railfan cameras on Youtube. Fort Madison, IA is one of my favs becuase you get a lot of BNSF intermodal along with UP trackage right trains

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