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Thread: The First(?) Jet Engine Based Snow Plough (1947)

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    Default The First(?) Jet Engine Based Snow Plough (1947)

    This silent film shows what may have been the first time anyone strapped jet engines onto a piece of rail equipment and used them to clear snow. It might be worth modelling as a towable item.

    Some additional footage of the testing...
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    It was a good idea until everyone realized all that heat melted snow that eventually re-froze...

    Here's a more modern incarnation: UP's Air Forced One. Uses cold air so that there's no re-freezing.

    Unfortunately, both have the same secondary symptom: ballast can get picked up by the airflow, which can cause damage or injury...

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    I can remember jet powered snow clearing in Worcester MA around the mid 1990s. That's when Worcester was CONRAIL.


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