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Thread: Converting OBJ to Shape - BART Car

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    Default Converting OBJ to Shape - BART Car

    Hello forum,

    I cannot for the life of me get GMAX and my steps to follow smoothly - my understanding is that blender is an alternative?

    Attached is the project - a BART car. I'm getting rather close in terms of finishing up the route (bit further away from release), but still have no correct cars. (using the Miami cars as a stand-in).

    Just trying to get the car imported into Open Rails at the right scale, with some textures.

    No need for wheel spinning, opening/closing doors, or swiveling trucks - simply need to have something that looks like the unique BART A car running around.

    It is currently an untextured OBJ file - image attached.

    Many thanks

    BART A CAR2 .jpg

    Open Rails 2021-03-09 02-35-20.jpg

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    I don't know if Blender have the possibility to export model to open rail or MSTS but the only way i can see for you it's exporting your model from blender (.obj) to 3ds max and finally, exporting it to gmax in .3ds file format

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    Blender can import OBJ and export .S for MSTS/OR.

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    Keeping in mind that GMAX was supposed to get people to buy 3DS MAX, they don't make it easy to export to common formats, only proprietary GAMING formats that they worked out with game vendors... Blender, on the other hand, *is* designed with no such limitations... so you have all sorts of useful importers as well as an MSTS exporter that is available at Elvas Tower.
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    Dear all,

    Thank you. I am afraid that this conversion is outside my skills, and need another person's help to convert it into a shape file. I am willing to pay a modest amount to get two or three cars converted from obj (or other format) into Open Rails. (it's going to be freeware release of course).

    I have some specifications, and using substitute .eng and sound/cabview files already.

    I will try mapping the textures onto windowless version of the models in the meantime. Worst case, I am just asking for conversion in the proper scale, wheel rotation, truck rotation would be nice, but not required. I may be able to have the textures applied, but if not, I have them in bitmap and ace formats. (Spent three years making the route - would like to have the cars to go with them)

    Please let me know if you are willing to help via private message. Thanks

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