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Thread: Whoa - Look at this... Union Pacific Streamliners!

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    Default Whoa - Look at this... Union Pacific Streamliners!

    There's a bunch of new stuff released from BLW. Two new sets, both Union Pacific.
    One set includes E-units and enough passenger cars to make a respectable streamliner.
    There's also Alco road-switchers, PAs, FAs, and a set of F-units, plus freight cars and a caboose.

    Then, completely different set, Geaten made a collection of his previously released Union Pacific models and released them with different numbers so that they don't overlap the previously releases (except for one unit which was unique on the roster).

    MSTS or OR? Good question. Basically MSTS, but with include files which MSTS can't see, which upgrade the entire set to current OR standards. So, MSTS? Yes. Open Rails? Also yes.

    No, this hobby is not in decline. Here's the proof!

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    Glad this is out. Several of those car shapes will work for CNW trains, including the 44 seat coaches and American sleepers.

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    Just for the record, the f/l has an old Daylight trainset with the cars and E8's.

    It actually works in OR, but needs some tweaking. Locomotives accelerate slowly, but the main issue is funky brakes. I need to look at the power definitions for the first part, but am not knowledgeable enough about OR braking parameters to figure out the second.

    Edit: there's a City of LA also, very similar to the Daylight set:

    Both sets are pretty old, but interesting. Might be worth comparing with the new ones.

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    I am particularly impressed with the detail on the locomotives. Gaetan has really pushed the quality forward. They look really good.

    I am working on some kind of UP freight car bonus. No promises, it is early, but I got inspired yesterday and made 15 40' boxcars, both "1937" and later 10'6" cars (4 variations) including PS1 boxcars with roller bearings -- in four different paint schemes.


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