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    Smile Open Rails Timetable Mode

    Hey all,

    You may have noticed some of the OR Timetables that I've been uploading to the File Library as of recently, and I'd figure I would make a post to give some background on them.

    The latest one I did, the TrainSimulations MacTier timetable, seemed to have a hiccup that I didn't catch before I released the timetable. I have the OR conversion kit installed for the trainsets that are used with the timetable, and it was brought to my attention that the consists included with the timetable need the OR conversion kit to work properly or the sim will have an error on startup, so I highly suggest you install the OR conversion kit from the File Library here if you plan on running the timetable.

    I also didn't properly put my email in the readme, as I have seen a few people wanting to contact me but being unable to because of the lack of information, and I apologize for that and will correct this in the upcoming timetables I have planned.

    As for the future timetables I plan on doing, I just finished a timetable for the Maple Leaf Tracks Sandpatch tonight, and it needs some testing and quality control before I will release it to the File Library. It's a unique one, as it's the first timetable I've made to include some more interactive "locals" intermixed with all the mainline traffic. All of the Blue Lick Turn and most of the Salisbury turn is available to run (Running around the train on the Salisbury local had to be cut due to the fact that AI trains would struggle doing it, so it starts you off in Yoder siding ready for the return trip).
    I also plan on doing a timetable for the ATSF Seligman Subdivision and a timetable for both eras of the TrainSimulations DRGW & UP Green River route. These might take some time to get finished because of the drought of information on fallen flag operations, but I do plan on getting to them some time in the future.
    I also started on a timetable for Mullan Pass a while ago, but was unable to finish it due to some routing errors in the paths I had made, so for the time being I scrapped it. I plan on revisiting it some day, as the Mullan is one of my favorite routes to run, but for now it's just too much of a headache to get figured out.

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    I have tried the timetable for Scenic and all i get after the train activates is "no more stations"


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    I appreciate you making and sharing your contributions. We can use more timetables. It sounds like you are going about their creation thoughtfully. I will enjoy them. Thanks

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