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Thread: Should i waste my money on TRS19 Platinum or should i still use TS2009 / TS12 / TANE

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    Question Should i waste my money on TRS19 Platinum or should i still use TS2009 / TS12 / TANE

    I mean are there any content on the download station or any websites for the older version of trainz or everyone moved to TRS19?

    I'm looking for good or high quality routes (and the websites where i can download them) Not interested in the payware.

    Thank you.

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    I would wait and see if you can pick up standard TRS19 Steam version when it's on sale. The current builds are full of bugs and crash frequently, not worth the outrageous price N3V charge for it.
    TS2009 and 12 are pretty much obsolete, but TANE is still good and as N3V appeared to implement SP4 without botching it, I tend to use it for my route building rather than '19 at present.

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    Offer ends at noon EST I think. Platinum on Steam for $17.95. Game only. No routes. But there are plenty of freeware routes you can download. Some of the freeware is better than the Payware routes.

    Personally, I would pay the extra money and get something like the North American Regional edition direct off N3V website. Updates come quicker, etc.

    You could also try a Silver or Gold subscription model for a month or two to see if you like it. I'm on Gold/Plus and love it. Access to everything plus quarterly (somewhat) stable new releases.

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    "I'm looking for good or high quality routes ... ."

    That can be very subjective. My own view is that the routes made in TS19 can be better visually than those made in previous iterations of the simulation, but the skills of the route creator are of paramount importance.

    I've uploaded a few TRS19 model railroads to the Download Station. Whether this type of railroading is of interest to you and whether you consider it good or high quality only you can decide, but this is the latest "work in progress" (full screen / 1080p):


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    I won't waste any more of my money on the rubbish.

    N3V's business model and customer care, is even worse than DTG's.
    Yma O Hyd

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    I very much enjoy TRS19 and it's many aspects. I'm on Gold/Plus subscription model which is about the cost than two fast food drive throughs a month. For that I enjoy every upgrade, every route, every session, every loco, every consist that they offer in payware, plus, like everyone else, access to endless freeware assets, including some fantastic freeware routes. Do I understand everything they do? No. Do I disagree sometimes with the direction they go in development? Yes. But the same is true with all business and I can't direct them. All I can do is decide if I want to be a customer or not.

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