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It was the OP's very first post on this site and I wouldn't be surprised if he's totally confused by the 'advice' given.
I agree, Open Rails is the way to go, but his problem was with starting MSTS.

@OSUbuckeye638 : A rather belated welcome to the Forum
If you've not followed the Steam4Me tutorial to set up MSTS, you may have installed it into its default location (C:\Program Files (x86)...). If so, I suggest you uninstall it and follow the tutorial here : https://msts.steam4me.net/tutorials/...g_msts_w7.html Although titled for Win 7, it applies equally to Win 10.
Be sure to follow the whole tutorial, including installing the update. When installed, set launcher.exe and train.exe to "Run this program as an administrator" from their respective Properties > Compatibility screens.

Please come back if you're still having problems, giving as much detail as you can.

If you've decided to go with Open Rails, that's fine, but note that many freeware routes require files from a default MSTS installation, although it doesn't need to be in a working state.