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Thread: Saving/Loading Trains, Populating Yards and sidings.

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    Default Saving/Loading Trains, Populating Yards and sidings.

    I am trying to populate sidings and yards to make gameplay more entertaining. I tried to populate a yard. The problem are:
    1. Tried saving static consists, but couldn't find them, even when I saved a train.
    2. Even after spending 20 minutes placing cars, they didn't load when I started the game. I assume I am not loading the same world, but can't figure out how to load the same world. I mean you can save the world, train, and extraboard. I don't understand the difference between the Extraboard and World.

    I know Run8 is a simulator. The cars are suppose to have a purpose, not just scenery. I like single-player play though, and hate passing a large empty yard.

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    Trains: A single consist. Train must be in your control when saved.
    Extraboard: Location only, no trains.
    World: Multiple trains/consists in different locations. Spawn or create a train. Relinquish, go to another location and spawn/create another train. Save as World. Both trains will be in that world. Load that world, place cars in yards/sidings and save that world. They will be added.

    I heavily populated all SoCal routes (yards, etc) and posted it here for download:

    The files cover all SoCal routes and payware rolling stock. If you don't own everything, it will still work. The first time you load the world file, Run8 will try to populate the unowned regions with errors, simply ignore them. Once loaded, save the file & reopen it. Run8 will ignore areas you don't have & you won't get errors. Unowned rolling stock with be replaced with a Run8 boxcar or locomotive.


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    Thanks for making that available. Just downloaded and I will enjoy. Thank You.

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    Thanks @Brad3816. I gradually getting the hang of it. The SoCal route population is a good file. It gives a singleplayer session more life.

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