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Thread: Issue with Dash 9 locomotives

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    Default Issue with Dash 9 locomotives

    There are a lot of great reskins of the RSC Dash 9 engine but there is a problem with the reskins and on going issue that has prevented me from getting any of the great Dash 9 reskins and the problem is this crazy rule that BNSF livery items can't be sold outside of the US. This is a big issue because being that I am from Canada and the original Dash 9 from RSC is in BNSF livery I will never be able to get this payware and thus will never get to use any of the great reskins because they all require the original Dash 9 payware from RSC. Actually through Steam I don't think the Dash 9 is even available any longer. So we need to figure out a way for people outside of the US to be able to get the Dash 9 so we can get some reskins, like for instance I would love the CN reskin but it will never happen. This goes for the SD70-2 Pack from RSC 4 liveries including a CN livery, but because there is a BNSF livery I can't acquire it. Sorry if I came across as venting it's just frustrating that I can't get great locomotives because they're paired to a BNSF locomotive.
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