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    Default Florida East Coast Railway - Cloud Route Editing...

    Anyone interested in assisting me in route-building the northern sector of the FEC from Jacksonville to St. Augustine, FL? I'm surprised somebody repainted some FEC GEVO's but nobody decided to build a route for them... Are there, by any circumstance, some opportunities for saving some progress on the route to cloud storage? I heard some stories that appealed to me in terms of the route-building; however, I would like some resources on how to save to the cloud...

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    I see that the TSRE route editing software is launching a multi-player editing function that would be just the ticket for this.

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    There have been several projects over the years that used Dropbox for a working copy of a route. I was one of those who tried it, and ultimately gave up. It is fine for doing scenery and even terrain, provided people are working on separate areas. Those are all bespoke files. We could each work in a designated area and check our changes in more or less in real-time.

    Where it gets ugly and messy is track. Only one person could work on track at a time, and let everyone else know when they were done.

    With TSRE, the TDB appears to held in memory during an editing session and gets re-written on save.

    Can't say it's not workable to figure out how to manage multiple changes to the TDB assuming everyone keeps their distance and doesn't work on the same vectors as someone else, but I'd think that would require shifting away from a memory based TDB calculation to a file based read->rebuild process that happens on every save.

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