I'm sure this has come up before, but I'm not finding a simple fix...

Prototype for CNW... Interlockings have two headed signals. Top head is the home signal and allows entry into the interlocking (either clear or approach).

Second head will be red for a thru path, and yellow for diverging path.

If there are multiple diverging paths in the interlocking, that second head will show yellow regardless if it's the first, second, or N-th path inside the interlocking.

All good for a simple interlocking with one diverging path, but problem is... the ORTS signaling code as I understand it and the TDB definition for a signal will only allow one path to be linked to that head.

Short of breaking with prototype and adding heads for each diverging route, has anyone found a way to address this? Or is a code fix really needed to add some logic?