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Thread: RouteRiter : Modifying Tsection.dat for new route

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    Default RouteRiter : Modifying Tsection.dat for new route

    Hi to everyone,

    I have a small problem, I try to edit a "t.section.dat" to create a new route on route riter but every time it tells me that the "ID-File" is invalid.

    I would like to solve this problem because I would like to merge two routes which, in reality, would allow me to simulate the Paris-Lausanne and Paris-Geneva relations by TGV as well as to recreate a historical Trans Europe Express route with the SBB's RAe TEE Polycourant or with the SNCF's stainless steel wagons or even night trains which took 10 hours before the creation of the Lyon-Paris high speed line.

    I have done, to test, a merger but the problem is that when I try to create a route, there is a moment when the line freezes and I can not extend to the end as on the High Speed Line.

    I thank you, therefore, in advance, for your answers, good week to you.

    Stay safe,

    Yours faithfully,


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    I see nobody has tried to help, so I will take a whack at it. When I merge routes, the first thing is that I
    make sure that there are no interactive objects on either route. No signals, mileposts, speed limits etc.

    Then I create a new route that encompasses the area of both existing routes. I still use MS_Route Extractor
    to do this.

    Next I copy all of the world files from both routes into the new route. Now at this point there should not
    be a .tdb, .tit, .rdb, or .rit file present in the new route. So now I just do a rebuild and it is fairly normal
    to have to correct some errors doing that, and once I get a clean rebuild, I can proceed to link the
    tracks together from both routes, usually using dynamic track for that.

    I don't know how to merge the tsection.dat files from two routes, so I keep the tsection.dat file from the
    route that seems to have the most dynamic track. Then I will probably have to edit world files and
    delete dynamic track from the route with the least dynamic track, and re-enter each piece. To make
    this easy, I usually keep a copy of the lesser dynamic route in a clone installation so that I can go into
    it get the data to recreate the pieces as required. Hope this helps.

    Now, most times, I am using part of a existing route to create a new route. For example, I recently
    created small routes of the Nashville Terminal (Tennessee) and Louisville Terminal (Kentucky). I
    copied these into the new route and did the adjustments I mentioned above. Once this was done I
    only had to lay the roughly 180 miles of track between the two from scratch.

    J. H. Sullivan
    retired from CSX & NS
    docent, C&TS RR

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    I can assist with the global tsection merge if required.

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    Quote Originally Posted by derekmorton View Post
    I can assist with the global tsection merge if required.
    Thank you for your help. In addition, I would also like, as far as possible, to merge two commercial "Swiss add-ons" which separately have less interest since long-distance trains cross the two parts and I find it unfortunate that the line does not is not complete at the end of the creation of the second part

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