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    Hi all I was recently introduced to open rails is there any Chicago Metra content that I could download? or websites that have free engines.

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    KLW has some MP36 locos in Metra paint. Check out all the passenger equipment here. Simply search for Metra and there will be plenty of content.

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    If you search for "Metra" in the file library here you get three pages of stuff.
    Have you tried that?

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    There are two routes in development that you might be interested in following -- one is the Twin Cities Mega Route which will include the BNSF Racetrack, and the CNW Chicago, which will include the UP-W and UP-NW. There's a beta available for the CNW Chicago, but be aware it is still in development and has been for about 10 years. (that's not a typo)

    CNW Chicago:

    Twin Cities:

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