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Thread: Cascade Crossing error

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    Quote Originally Posted by bigjohn View Post
    R.Steele; that is right on the head, I found that item in the service file, all is good now. thank god for actman
    Happy I could help out.
    Yes Ged's ActMan is an excellent utility program for checking activities and their component files. Usable in both Open Rails & MSTS ( use version 3.7 for OR, check the OR box when using -- which will ignore file names longer than 30 characters -- which makes MSTS choke ).

    Ged ( slipperman ) has kindly released quite a few very useful tools for the community.

    For Ged >>> HatTip.jpg
    Cheers, Gerry
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    I finally got MSTS to work, I took out 45 engines MSTS did not like, MSTS ActMan, MSTS Check, etc. worked to help in this . 15 total hr.'s .What a relief. Now to get Open rails to start.
    thank you all for the great help

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