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Thread: Cab view SOUNDS not working in Open Rails

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    Default Cab view SOUNDS not working in Open Rails

    I am trying to copy sounds from the default mullan GE engines that come with the BNSF scenic sub route. I have done this before and got it to work, so the sounds work, for example, you go in the cab and the interior sounds play. You go outside of the cab and the exterior sounds play. I am trying to get it to work on a locomotive, but I am having trouble and the cabin sounds won't play but the exterior sounds do. The only way I can fix this is I change the sound in the eng to cab sounds instead of ext sounds but it changes it to cab sounds work exterior don't so it doesn't solve the problem. Can someone please help. I am trying to make sure the Exterior and Interior sounds work on a locomotive.


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    Hi Ethan,

    If you have had success before, you need to compare your early success with the current failure, you have made a mistake.

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    Check that the file paths in the eng file point to the correct sms file for the cabview.


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