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Thread: Properly copying locomotive sounds.

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    Default Properly copying locomotive sounds.

    Can anyone provide me with a firm guide on how to copy locomotive sounds i already have to a locomotive. For example, how to properly edit the eng file and putting in the sound file from the previous locomotive properly. It would be great thanks.

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    There is no single answer to your question. The answer is dependent on how the Sound is setup for the Source. Is the Sound for the Source is self contained or does it use sounds from another engine or does it us sounds from a Common.Sound source?

    By "Self contained" I mean that the Sound line calls in the ENG file for the cab sound management file (SMS) and the engine SMS file only list the file name. Also the ENG file's folder contains a Sound folder that contains those two SMS files and it also contains ALL the WAV sound files called by the SMS files. Example Sound call line "Sound ( Loco_eng.SMS )"

    If the Sound line calls include more than just a file name as in "Sound ( ..\\..\\syzLoco\\sound\\syz-Eng.SMS )" then it is not self contained. Or if the Calls in the SMS file contain more than just the WAV file name.

    It would be easier to explain if you you would identify the Source loco and the target loco. And I mean by their ZIP file name if freeware.

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    I am trying to get the sounds and cab working for a loco that uses sounds for the SD40-2 which I have. It is one of New Zealand Train Sim Workshops MSTS/OR Models. I want to try and copy sound from another locomotive I have. No, it does not use a common.snd file.

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    It would be easier if you kept your posts about sounds together.

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