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Thread: Marias Pass & Montana Hi Line Merge.

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    Nope.....I give up.
    After umpteen attempts to get a path set for the player's train - and without any AI at all - the game just refuses to work the way it should.
    It will not save the changes I make to the path; it will not save and display "stop at" points.
    I have deleted every "go by" instruction and inserted new and different ones yet it ignores them.

    Too bloody frustrating and annoying to continue with.
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    I feel your pain Bruce, the signalling and AI in game.

    Are not pre-disposed to coping with loads of single track sections and passing loops.

    Particularly if the route creator. Did not designate the path directions correctly, in the track properties.

    When the track was being laid, originally.

    EDIT: from 17mins 30secs

    I made a comment on the video because i don't think the author knows that much about the feature.

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