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Thread: First Time Using MSTS After Nearly 20 Years

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    If you like the Scenic Sub, the new Montana Rail Link Mullen Pass is even better, in my opinion. Worth the money!

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    Check out MRL Mullen and CN Ruel worth every penny in my opinion. Train simulations even has the Mac Tier for a free download. Definitely a step up. A while back I fired up the default Marias with default equipment and compared it. It was like night and day between the two. I can remember firing up MSTS the first time in 2005 and thinking it was awesome. Then came along all the upgrades by all the dedicated people who put in the work. If that didn't happen, we wouldn't have Open Rails, TSRE5. and all the great stuff we have today.
    M. Payne

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    Welcome back, ninja'd many times. I put together, may years ago, a package of stuff that I use to install MSTS/Open Rails (both, for reasons I'll explain) on a new computer or new disk. It's a BIG zip file that includes directories that are mainly labeled as "step1", "step2", etc., and contains both MSTS disks; the necessary updates, including MS' updates and the last BIN; the fundamental content updates, including Xtracks, Newroads, Scalerail (yes, I got it legit from 3DTrains); the fundamental utilities (a personal selection); and a couple of non-MS routes that I always want to have (again, a personal selection). If somebody wants more details, PM me and we can talk about it offline. At one time, I included Open Rails in the collection, but I save space now and just download it when needed.

    And yes, I run Open Rails. Haven't actually started MSTS in years. It's just there for the content and for installing routes that need it.

    My general layout for the install directory is:
              \msts\(standard MSTS directories)
              \openrails (standard Open Rails install - NO ROUTES OR TRAINS IN HERE)
              \trainsimulations\(starter route for OR)
              \(other miniroutes such as PRRER and LIRR)
              \(anything else, like Goku's editor)
    Note: the sophisticated will say - why aren't you installing from a backup. Well, if I have a recent one, that's fine and I might. If it's a brand new disk, though, and I want the MSTS and OR registry entries properly set up, I need to run those through their installers. Also, reinstalling from scratch lets me decide what I actually want to still use, and clean up some cruft. For things like OR (regular and/or Mono), the starter routes, and Goku's editor, it's best to download and install each time to get the current version. So unless this was an emergency clean-install and a very recent backup is available, it's not much more trouble to do it from scratch.

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    I recently got back to Train Sim and I also just installed OR, I was so surprised at the difference. Now if I can only find all my old Maple Leaf Track addons.

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    For those of you who are new to Open Rails, do understand that learning how to tweek your .wags and .engs to use the enhancements of Open Rails will be as much work as it was to tweek all that old MSTS stuff back in the day. You don't NEED to do anything but there are things that will be worth your time to dig into, such as getting rid of the MSTS Friction() data and replacing it with Davis Values.

    I'm personally a huge fan of Include files but those are probably not where you want to start.

    Last, if you like using mini-routes then the OR mini routes are very simple to set up: You need everything in \Global, \Sound, \Routes, and \Trains -- that is it. You identify their location in the OR Options tab -- look for the one labeled Content.
    Dave Nelson

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