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Thread: Pennsylvania Activity Editor Error

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    Default Pennsylvania Activity Editor Error

    Years ago I downloaded the Pennsylvania Eastern route. Followed the steps, and was able to make the MSTS activity editor work for the mini route.

    Well I downloaded the new Pennsylvania RR Eastern V2.0. Route. I am sure I am doing the same steps as I did years ago when I got the activity editor to work for the original Pennsylvania Eastern mini route.

    However I am getting an error message.

    This is what I did:

    Target: C:\TrainSimulatorPennsylvaniaEastern\train.exe -toolset

    Start In: C:\TrainSimulatorPennsylvaniaEastern

    Attached is a screen shot of the error message. Not sure what is wrong.

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    There is a file in the PRR V2 folders called PLEASE_READ_ME_FIRST! It says

    The route here is setup as a MINI ROUTE for Open Rails containing all files needed to run all the activities provided with the route. You can run this under MSTS but you will then need to provide the proper folder and file configuration as you would for any MSTS route.Being as the route performs so poorly in MSTS I've only partially tested one activity, Chestnut Hill.
    This large and complex route just cannot be handled by the obsolete MSTS software.

    The Train.exe supplied with the route is a dummy text file. This was done so that certain 3ed party utilities could still be used on the route.

    !!!!! DO NOT INSTALL THIS INTO AN EXISTING Microsoft Train Simulator installation. DO NOT!!!!!
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    As Baldwin says, the train.exe in the PRR East installation is a dummy file and is only there to keep RouteRiter and other utilities happy.

    I suggest you obtain Open Rails as it does a much better job of running this route due to its complexity.

    Unfortunately Open Rails does not currently have official activity editing tools. However there is an editor called TSRE which has an activity mode that can be used. You would open up the route in the editor then select tools - activity or F4 key. You can then create or modify activities, services, traffic etc.

    The only thing TSRE does not do is create paths. For that you have to use the "track viewer" utility that is run from Open Rails - select the Tools button.

    Hope this helps.


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