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Thread: Bell No Longer Rings When Blowing Horn on US Trains

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    Quote Originally Posted by R. Steele View Post
    Does Notepad++ have a binary search & replace mode?
    It depends on the extension that you filter for the search. I think Notepad++ edits binaries by default.

    Be mindful of the search parameters. For example, if searching a string in an executable it is possible that binaries containing characters in the string could be modified as well, ruining the .exe. So be careful when setting up a search.

    Notepad++ does have a Hex editor plugin available available for download (HexEditor.dll).

    Here is the Notepad++ User Manual.

    As far as plain integers and decimals are concerned (like what you posted in your reply) you can filter the search and treat it like any other search and replace, using extended mode and /n and /r as needed.
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    Ahhh, thanks Kuckoo...good to know. I've found Notepad++ to be among the many useful tools you need in this hobby ( if you treat it like virtual model railroading and like to get in the basement and do some work on the layout....strained metaphor, maybe...but you get the idea)
    Cheers, Gerry
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