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Thread: Which version is the "correct"/updated version of SAL FLA Div?

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    Question Which version is the "correct"/updated version of SAL FLA Div?


    I've tried to figure out which version of the Seaboard Air Line Florida Division route is the "correct" version, since there seems to be two versions that differ in the amount of stuff present within each.

    The version available from here, at, seems to be the older(?) version of the route (linked to from the Skyline SAL Route page).

    However, looking at the Skyline site now revealed to me a "newer"(?) version of the route, which had more locations available as well as a lot more scenery added in, but also had way more consists I couldn't use because I didn't have any reference on what was needed for them. This version I found on the Skyline Computing homepage as well as their ActivityGenerator template page

    Unless the version on the template page is meant to be dropped in as an update for the original route, I'm at an impasse on which should be installed.

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    It looks like there was yet another update. But perhaps not enough to call it an entirely new V3. The current one at Skyline has 2019 dates on databases, while the previous upgrade that included Bone Valley lines and phosphate mines that was previously available on Skyline had 2015 dates on database files. I recall the old V2 had tracks installed but practically no scenery on the line from Bradenton to Tampa via Rockport along the bay. I haven't fired up the new (new) one to compare yet.

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    I'd use the one at Skyline computing.

    For broken consists, the TSRE consist editor ( makes it pretty easy to identify and find missing stock in broken consists, or replace it. Start by downloading all the SAL and ACL rolling stock you can, then fire up TSRE and chase down what else you need.


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