I watched a wonderful doco on the Cambrian route last night and was disappointed to find that nothing has ever been created for TS20XX.

However, I have the original CD created for MSTS and published around 2003 by 3DTS (Vern, you had a hand in that, didn't you?) and I also have Cambrian 2, also published by 3DTS and issued several years later.
So I installed it and loaded it up in Open Rails and even tho' it's now approaching 14 years since created it holds up pretty well.
The Activities are still enjoyable and, using a variety of ReShade tweaks, the graphics don't look too bad....certainly acceptable.

T'would be nice to see this line done for a current format, such as TS2021.

Which begs the question - why do DTG stuff around with crud such as "Rush Hour" when they could produce a gem like the Cambrian?